1. The meeting is always 30 minutes before the scheduled start time.
  2. Before each trip, there is an instruction on how to use the Buggy.
  3. The departure time and route of the tour may change due to weather conditions and organizational considerations.
  4. The driver is liable for damages to the Buggy that he is driving up to PLN 10,000. We offer insurance that reduces the value of the liability to PLN 2,000.
  5. It is possible to exchange the driver with a passenger during the trip if the passenger also signed the statement before the trip.
  6. Each participant of the trip must sign a declaration of acceptance of the regulations and safety rules.
  7. Each participant is required to have a driving license, ID card, or passport.
  8. In the event of entering a public road, participants are bound by the polish traffic rules.
  9. The price of the trip includes the service of a guide who rides on a separate vehicle.
  10. Suppose the participants are under the influence of alcohol. In that case, the guide has a right to terminate the contract with them without refunding the deposit.
  11. These regulations apply to all participants of the tour.
  12. Advance payment / The paid ticket guarantees performance of ordered services by a Snowdoo Sp. z o.o. and in the event of customer resignation, it is not returned.
  13. Failure to arrive at the appointed time will be understood as resignation from participation in the expedition. In that case, the booking will be automatically canceled.
  14. Signing the declaration is equivalent to:
    a) a participant's expression of a desire to participate in practical classes on buggies cars and full awareness of the risks arising from amateur motorsports and other sports included in the program,
    b) b) a declaration that there is no medical condition that could adversely affect the participant's ability to drive a vehicle, and in the case of having such diseases, a declaration that the participant takes part in practical classes solely at his own risk,
    c) a participant's confirmation of awareness that participation in practical classes may pose a threat to pregnant women,
    d)a participant joining practical classes voluntarily and committing to exercise particular caution and to follow all the instructions of the guide,
    e) a participant's confirmation that he/she has been prepared for the classes and listened to the instruction and safety rules. The participant understands regulations full and will apply it in practice. Suppose that the accident has occurred caused by the participant's fault or failure to follow the guide's instructions. In that case, no claims will be made to the organizers, and a participant will assume all responsibility for the accident that may occur solely on him/her self.
    f) a declaration that the participant is not in a state of intoxication or under the influence of intoxicants, and that this state will be maintained throughout the tour.
    g) taking over the use of the buggy car by a participant for the duration of the trip and taking financial responsibility for it in accordance with these regulations
    h) a participant's taking responsibility for the passenger