Close your eyes and imagine it: a view of the Tatra Mountains, vast clearings, forest areas, and the surrounding nature.

You're right... that's how the real freedom tastes like!

A trip on quads in Zakopane is definitely one of those attractions that everyone should try.

Decide for yourself whether you prefer a panoramic or an OFF-ROAD tour? Or join over 1000 customers who have already experienced a fantastic adventure, i.e., our 3-hour tour with a bonfire and warm meal!

My guess is that although you already know how exciting this adventure is, you still have some doubts.

If it is that you've never ridden a quad before then ... no worries! For most of our clients, it is an unforgettable first-time!

That is why the tour on quads is led by an experienced guide. He will also take care of the necessary training before take-off so that you can feel comfortable driving the quad bike.

You are right if you also think that a quad bike trip is not the cheapest attraction. But it is worth choosing the best ones and doing something for yourself after a hard year of work.

Beautiful memories for a lifetime are priceless! is a brand of our company from Zakopane with nearly 20 years of experience. Every year we organize trips on quads, buggies, and snowmobiles for thousands of the most demanding customers.

Since you are still here, you certainly like adventures with a hint of adrenaline as much as we do. Vacation in the mountains is the perfect opportunity to try something unique!

What exactly does the Quad bike trip look like?

We meet at our base in Gubalowka. You can come with your own car or use our FREE TRANSFER from Zakopane.
On the spot, you will sign a declaration of safety and meet your Guide. He will also provide you with a quad driving instruction before the start of the trip.

The Quad bike tour is, above all, a beautiful adventure with the guarantee of memories for many years. During the trip, there will be time to take pictures that will allow you to share these special moments in the mountains with others.

Who will


this tour?

  • people who don't like adventures
  • people who do not like spending time in nature
  • people who are looking for the cheapest attractions

Who will


this tour?

  • people who like adventures and new experiences
  • people who love mountains and nature
  • people who are looking for the best attractions, not necessarily the cheapest
  • people who want to surprise a loved ones
  • people who love to have fun

Are you wondering what in case of rainy weather? That is even better! The Quad tour is a perfect attraction for all weather conditions.

Suppose the operator decides that the tour cannot take place due to the weather conditions. In that case, you have the guarantee that your booking will be moved to the next available date.

If the new date does not suit you, you will receive a 100% refund.

We have been working on our reputation for almost 20 years. Would we make you an empty promise, risking our good name?

Take 1 minute and book now
before there are still places available!

  • Comfortable outfit that can get dirty
  • Comfortable shoes

P.S. If you need, please book a protective suit with us. We will dress you from head to toe. The helmet is always FREE.

Quad bikes are one of the most popular summer attractions in Zakopane. In high season it often happens that we are 100% occupied, so we strongly encourage you to book in advance so that the chance for a great adventure will not be lost.
You can make your booking quickly, conveniently, and safely ONLINE.
Each participant receives a FREE helmet - your safety is our priority. Additionally, it is possible to purchase a balaclava or rent protective clothing on site.
No, it is enough to have any identity document with you.
Dress sport, so that you are comfortable! 🙂 If you can't get dirty, you can always rent a protective suit in our base.
Yes, driver and passenger can change places during the break, provided that both of them signed the declaration before the start of the tour.
Yes, most of our clients are people who get on a Quad bike for the first time. Therefore, each trip is preceded by an Instruction. The most important thing is to follow the instructions of the Guide.

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The glazed container in the city center
ul. Nowotarska 27B (at the "Rondo Solidarności")

ul. Droga Zubka 40 (Gubalowka)