We have a plan ready for you! Get in the Buggy and go with us for a real mountain Safari in the Podhale region!

You choose what kind of adventure it will be! A touristic or a scenery seeing trip?

With us, you will discover new paths, behold the stunning views, and enjoy the mountains.

It is an adventure for the few. For those who love all-terrain vehicles, mountains, and experience. Do you belong to this group?

Do you have any doubts while you are reading this offer?

You already know how exciting this adventure is ... but you're still wondering because it's not the cheapest attraction.
But how often do you have this opportunity? Once a year - once in a lifetime?
Vacation is the perfect time to do something FOR YOURSELF, after many months of hard work.

Have you never driven this kind of vehicle or quad bike or off-road car? Most of our clients never did.
Therefore, an experienced Instructor will lead the way and explain everything before the start - he will show you how easy it is.

Warning! A Buggy tour is also a great attraction on a rainy day. Any weather is perfect for an off-road trip in the mountains!

How much would you pay for lifetime long, beautiful memories
and an adventure?

SAFARI company is a brand owned by Snowdoo company - the leader of adventure and recreation on the Zakopane tourist market. We have been organizing active entertainment for tourists in Zakopane for almost 16 years. Every year, we are serving over 10,000 demanding customers. The company's mission is to offer the highest quality attractions, introduce new products and customer service at the highest level in many languages, which allows Tourists to discover Podhale and Zakopane in a new beautiful way.

Since you've made it to this place, you certainly like adventures and a pinch of adrenaline. A holiday in the mountains is an opportunity for you to try something new, and a Buggy expedition fits perfectly into these needs.

How does it exactly look like?

You will come to our place. When we meet at our base, you will sign the safety declaration and meet the Guide, who will provide instructions on how to drive a Buggy. Then, under his supervision, you will go on an expedition.

What will you gain from this trip? Most of all, beautiful memories for years! You can capture them and show them off because there is a photo break.

This trip will be great fun and relaxation for you with a view of the Tatra Mountains.

Who will


this trip?

  • people who don't like adventures
  • people who do not like spending time in nature
  • people who are looking for the cheapest attractions

Who will


this trip?

  • people who like adventures and new experiences
  • people who love mountains and nature
  • people who are looking for the best attractions, not necessarily the cheapest
  • people who want to surprise a loved one
  • people who love to have fun

We can make a Buggy tour whenever we want - in wet weather, the fun is even better!

If the operator decides that the tour cannot take place due to the weather conditions, you have the guarantee that your booking will be moved to the next available date.

If the new date does not suit you, you will receive a 100% refund.

We have been working on our reputation for almost 20 years. Would we make you an empty promise, risking our good name?

Take 1 minute and book now
before there are still spots available!

PS. After leaving Zakopane, do not regret that you did not try it though you wanted to!

  • trousers and outerwear with long sleeves/li>
  • rain jacket
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen - optional
Buggy cars are more comfortable. You have a passenger next to you so that you can enjoy the views, fun, and emotions together. Buggies are more comfortable and safe. Although they seem big, they can handle any terrain as well as the quad bikes.
Your safety is our priority. Each participant of the expedition receives a FREE helmet. Wear sports clothes which are merely comfortable! 🙂 If you don't want to get dirty, you can also rent a protective suit on the spot.
Yes, you can change seats with the passenger during the trip, provided that the person has also signed the safety declaration before take-off.
We meet 30 minutes before the scheduled start time so that we have time to sign the safety declaration and to receive instructions. Due to the weather, the operator can change the trip's start time and route. Each participant must have an identity document with him - a passport, ID card, or driving license. The buggy driver is responsible for the damage he causes up to the amount of PLN 10,000. It is possible to buy insurance. Each participant of the expedition is required to sign the declaration of safety. By signing the declaration of safety, you accept the regulations.

In our base in Gubałówka
We are waiting for you in our quad and buggy base every day from 09:00 to 20:00.

SAFARI.pl by Snowdoo Adventure
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