If you are looking for a unique attraction for an Event or an integration party, we have a ready plan for you!

A Buggy tour is a premium attraction that will surprise and satisfy the most demanding business partners and coworkers.

It does not matter where you plan your event. We will deliver Buggy cars and a Guide to your integration event anywhere in Poland!

We will also adapt the attraction itself to your needs.

You can choose between a wild tour around the surrounding area or an obstacle course at the event site and short rides.

On request, it is also possible to personalize the Buggy cars - to put your or partners' logos on a vehicle.

Surprise everyone with a unique attraction!

Straight from the mountains! We have been operating in Zakopane for nearly 20 years. Every year, we organize integration events for a few dozen companies and serve hundreds of tourists. We organize trips with buggies and quads and in winter on snowmobiles. Our professional instructors continuously improve their qualifications.


IS 100% NOT

for your event:

  • if you are looking for the cheapest attractions,
  • if you don't care about the original program,
  • if your guests don't like adventures


IS 100% YES

for your event:

  • if you are looking for the best attractions, not necessarily the cheapest,
  • if you want to impress your guests,
  • if you like adventures,

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