Are you looking for a brilliant adventure on mountain routes?

Get in the car! We are taking you on a Buggy tour from Nowy Targ!

Nowy Targ and its surroundings are unique, wild, and varied areas that allow you to enjoy the beautiful views and prove yourself as a Buggy driver.

We will discover new, unknown places while having a great time!

If you also love motorization and mountains, a Buggy tour is an attraction for you!

You probably have some doubts while reading about this tour?

If you think you can't handle it because you've never ridden a Buggy or Quad bike before, then you are wrong. Most of our customers found themself in this vehicle for the first time. That is why there is instruct on before each buggy tour. Plus, an experienced guide will lead the tour on his separate Buggy.

If you also wonder that it is not the cheapest attraction, think about how often you do something FOR YOURSELF?

Get beautiful memories for years!

Our brand is part of our company with nearly 20 years of experience and thousands of the most demanding customers every year. We organize trips on quad bikes, buggies, and snowmobiles in Zakopane and Nowy Targ.

Who will


this tour?

  • people who don't like adventures
  • people who do not like spending time in nature
  • people who are looking for the cheapest attractions

Who will


this tour?

  • people who like adventures and new experiences
  • people who love mountains and nature
  • people who are looking for the best attractions, not necessarily the cheapest
  • people who want to surprise a loved one
  • people who love to have fun

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    We can make a Buggy tour whenever we want - in wet weather, the fun is even better!

    Suppose the operator decides that the tour cannot take place due to the weather conditions. In that case, you have the guarantee that we will move your booking to the next available date.

    If the new date does not suit you, you will receive a 100% refund.

    We have been working on our reputation for almost 20 years. Would we make you an empty promise, risking our good name?

    • trousers and outerwear with long sleeves
    • rain jacket
    • sunglasses
    • sunscreen - optional
    Buggy cars are more comfortable. You have a passenger next to you so that you can enjoy the views, fun, and emotions together. Buggies are more comfortable and safe. Although they seem big, they can handle any terrain as well as the quad bikes.
    Your safety is our priority. Each participant of the expedition receives a FREE helmet. Wear sports clothes which are merely comfortable! 🙂 If you don't want to get dirty, you can also rent a protective suit on the spot.
    Yes, you can change seats with the passenger during the trip, provided that the person has also signed the safety declaration before take-off.
    We meet 30 minutes before the scheduled start time so that we have time to sign the safety declaration and to receive instructions. Due to the weather, the operator can change the trip's start time and route. Each participant must have an identity document with him - a passport, ID card, or driving license. The buggy driver is responsible for the damage he causes up to the amount of PLN 10,000. It is possible to buy insurance. Each participant of the expedition is required to sign the declaration of safety. By signing the declaration of safety, you accept the regulations